The wireless evolution

If you find a being in the modern world that doesn’t own a mobile phone, get your camera ready. You probably just found a unicorn, an extraterrestrial or maybe even Bigfoot.

We weren’t always so connected. There was a time when stuff could wait. Stuff can’t wait anymore.

Parents didn’t think their children needed tracking devices. In the event of an emergency, pay phones were a great solution. If we wanted to stay in touch with friends and family or check our answering machine, waiting until we got home made complete sense. So, what happened and how did we arrive at this convergence of human and technological evolution?

Ignite Partnership has launched over 400 products and services for Microsoft, Samsung and some of the world’s most innovative brands. Travel back in time with us as we unpack where we started, where we are, where we’re headed, and what we can presume about our future.