Back Too the Future – Limited Too Turns Tech at CES

I just got back from the future—I mean CES, where I saw gorgeous QLED screens and robots straight out of a sci-fi movie. While I was there, I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in nearly decade: Limited Too.

That’s right. In the era of breathing new life into nostalgia, Limited Too has been resurrected by brand management group Bluestar Alliance for a new generation of tweens. For the past two years, Limited Too has, surprisingly, had a presence at CES with the goal of infusing tech blood into this lifestyle brand.

When I came across the Limited Too booth—an almost serendipitous encounter since I was actually making my way to another part of the showroom floor—I was greeted with the logo I remember so fondly and an assortment of tech accessories built for the current generation of connected tweens. Instead of earrings, charms, bracelets and clothes, I saw walls filled with cat-ear headphones; wireless speakers; sing-along Bluetooth microphones; colorful chargers; and glittery, sparkling cases for phones, tablets, and laptops. If I were a tween, I’d probably be in heaven.

This booth and all of its products signified more than just a comeback, though. It was yet another indicator of how integral tech is in everyday life. We’ve seen shifts like this before in lifestyle brands like Fossil, whose fashion timepieces turned to tech with the introduction of their Fossil Q smartwatch.

Tweens have been born and raised searching, streaming, and gaming on digital devices. Wi-Fi and wireless devices are nothing new to them. They’re all native and normal parts of their routine. The revamped Limited Too is a lifestyle brand fully embracing tech because, for their audience, there’s no separation between the two. Tech is just woven into everyday life, not added on.

Limited Too hopes to capitalize by delivering products that speak to this specific segment and how they live and express themselves. A bonus for the brand is that moms of these tweens grew up knowing and loving this saccharine-sweet brand. There’s already brand recognition, which lends it instant credibility to the person who will most likely be making the purchase for the tween.

It’ll be interesting to see how far Limited Too can go with this relaunch. For now, it’s exciting to see a blast from my own tween past coming back to life in a tech-forward fashion. Speaking of tech-forward fashion, check out our infographic to see more examples of how fashion and tech have converged over the years.