Bubble Pants and Power Pockets: Wearables We Wish Were Real

The holidays are filled with wish lists. Most people have gift ideas of all shapes and sizes on their lists, ranging from giant 4K TVs to a pair of earrings.

At Ignite, our wish lists are a bit different. Instead of filling wish lists with things that are already out there, we asked a few Igniters to indulge their imaginations, think about their pain points, and answer this one simple question:

If you could invent any kind of wearable technology to put at the top of your wish list, what would it be?

If you couldn’t tell already, based on the title of this post, we received some very interesting and intriguing answers.

Taylor’s Wish – Life in Sync

wearablewishlist_taylorI would love a wearable that would automatically connect to, activate, and monitor my IOT-filled home. When I wake up, my wearable would activate the things in my house that I need in the morning. Bedroom lights turn on; the thermostat adjusts to the “Awake” setting; the coffee maker brews my much-needed morning cup. I’d also like to get a rundown of my upcoming day – weather, traffic, meeting calendar, and dinner reservations. It would also monitor energy use during the day to maximize my home’s efficiency.

This wearable would also be synched to my home security, so I would get a buzz if there were a break-in or another kind of emergency. These alerts could also be sent to local police and fire departments. The wearable’s battery would be a replaceable watch-sized battery that would last up to six months.

Jamie’s Wish – Headphones in Headphones

wearablewishlist_jamieI would like studio-quality headphones that have a small compartment to hold ear buds. These headphones would also be a music player that syncs to my music collection (or Spotify, Pandora, etc.) and can be controlled using voice commands.

So if I wanted to go for a run, I would just say, “Load my workout playlist, but I don’t want to hear any John Cougar today.” Then I could just pull out the ear buds and go.

Or if I wanted to sit in a dark room and contemplate the world, I’d say, “Load Dark Side of the Moon.” Then I could use the over-the-ear studio headphones for a completely escapist listening experience.

Lauren’s Wish – Snap and Save

wearablewishlist_laurenMy wish for a wearable tech device kind of exists already. I’d love something like Snapchat glasses that could easily capture videos and pictures that aren’t restricted to Snapchat use. It would be something that I could use to capture and share content across devices and platforms.

It would be great to see this technology allow humans to go back to experiencing things first-hand, letting the device capture the picture or video they are so eager to get without missing out on the actual moment as it happens.



Dusty’s Wish – Universal Proximity Key

wearablewishlist_dustyI would like a bracelet that acts as a universal proximity key. Whether it was my laptop, my house, Ignite’s office door, my wife’s car, my Land Rover or the bike I have locked on top of the roof, it would sense my presence and automatically activate the feature I need.

For instance, doors would unlock or lock when I approach or leave, my laptop or phone would unlock without entering a password, and I wouldn’t have to deal with multiple keys for all of the gear on the roof of my vehicle.



Paul’s Wish – Power Pockets


I use my phone quite a bit. Whether I’m using it for a picture, a status update, an email for work or listening to music, it has a place in pretty much every part of my day. All that use sucks up a lot of power, which is not a problem when I’m at home because I’ve got chargers to take care of that. But when I’m out, it’s another story. There are times when I need to power up, but I don’t have a way to do it.

I think existing wireless battery cases are too bulky, which is why I don’t have one. What I’d really like is to have wearable technology that can be built into the pocket of a pair of jeans, shorts, or shirts that would charge the phone. This would be great for me and anyone like me who’s ever been out and needed some power in a pinch.

Danielle’s Wish – Food Friend


I like to be conscious of what I eat and drink. I normally gravitate to the healthy side of the menu whenever I go out to eat, but I also treat myself to those guilty pleasures just like everyone else. With that in mind, it’s not always easy for me to keep tabs on how those foods and drinks will help me balance my health and wellness.

I’d love to have a wearable necklace that would automatically analyze all my food and drinks and give me all the nutritional and medicinal data for them. Then, it would tell me what nutrients I was missing and what foods or herbs I could take to fill in what I need to balance my health needs. I would need this in a fairly small and stylish necklace.

Justin’s Wish – Bubble Pants


I tend to fall down stairs. It’s not an everyday thing, but it happens more often than I’d really care to admit. While I’ve never really injured myself too badly, the potential for an ER visit, a cast and a set of crutches still exists. I need wearable technology that would prevent that scenario from coming true to life.

My wish? I would love some inflatable pants with embedded technology that can sense when I’m falling, thus protecting me from the inevitable pain of “riding” down the rest of the steps. I’m not talking fully inflatable parachute pants or anything like that. I’m thinking more along the lines of a “butt airbag” that provides a layer of extra cushion in case another set of stairs gets the best of me.