Three Things You Must Empower When Marketing Technology

Empowerment is granting authority. “Authorize” sounds very official, but it doesn’t really apply when it comes to giving a customer purchasing power. It isn’t a physical document or license. Empowerment is giving everything a purpose and a reason. Ignite uses the word “empower” in a way that applies to inanimate objects, people, and even groups of people using inanimate objects.

However you define the word, there are three things you must give authority to in order to successfully launch and market a technology product. Like it or not, technology brands are given less leeway when it comes to fulfilling customer expectations every step of the way, given their inherent promises of making experiences better and easier.

Since 2008, Ignite has been advising global tech brands to make every marketing dollar count by empowering these three things:

1) Empower the touchpoint
Every touchpoint matters. Every one is a location on the map of your buyer’s journey. Ignite knows that the funnel has collapsed and that customers are arriving from any point in the decision-making cycle, but every touchpoint deserves to be created by considering what the customer is likely to know or feel when they experience it. Ask yourself these questions:

• What step in the journey has the customer just completed?
• How do they feel about the category? About the brand?

When most people think of technology, they aren’t likely to think of arch-supporting shoe inserts. But the Dr. Scholl’s brand is enhanced by their biofeedback research and has a leg up on the competition by empowering retail touchpoints with a kiosk that helps to make sense of their similar-looking products in store.

2) Empower the consumer
This is deceptively simple: Tell them what to do. Even better, tell them how. A call-to-action is empowering because it saves the customer precious energy figuring out what steps to take next. Ask yourself these questions:

• What questions do they still have?
• What do they need to feel empowered to move to the next step?

Click here to see one example of how Ignite helped a mobile accessories brand to drive higher purchase intent by using clear calls-to-action on demo displays.

3) Empower the organization
Many organizations overlook the power of internal empowerment when they roll out a new program. What’s good for a channel partner isn’t necessarily what’s good for a sales associate. Treat all stakeholders with the courtesy you treat customers. That is, recognize their fears and anxieties, and align your efforts to relieve them.

• What is this stakeholder’s pain point?
• What do they want most?

Ignite helped an industry-specific software developer to streamline their sales process with simpler sales materials. A stakeholder discovery process revealed the need for a change. Ignite’s digital sales tool and video content made it easier for the sales team to present to prospects while also demonstrating their technical prowess.

In the end, touchpoints must be empowered to do their jobs effectively, consumers must be provided with the information to make progress in their buyer journey, and organizational stakeholders must be equipped with the tools to share in the successes. All are necessary forms of empowerment.

Ignite exists solely to help technology marketers understand complex buyer journeys and simplify their messaging. To learn more about how Ignite humanizes, simplifies and empowers tech marketing, check out our white paper here.