What We Do

Technology marketing services

Since 2008, Ignite has built a track record of enhancing customer experiences with best-in-class integrated marketing support. From uncovering buyer journeys to implementing retail merchandising designs, we purposefully plan all touchpoints so that the message is what matters — not the medium. Here are a few of the strategic and tactical elements we are asked to work on:



  • Buyer journey and personas
  • Data analysis
  • Brand building
  • Omnichannel planning
  • Storytelling
  • Messaging and brand guidelines

The customer experience is at the heart of all we do. No agency is as good as Ignite at helping clients to interpret complex buyer journeys and prioritize the right touchpoints, making the job of marketing much easier.



  • Point of sale and digital signage
  • Industrial design and retail fixtures
  • Sales incentives
  • Trade communication
  • Mobile integration
  • Production management
  • Sales materials

Whether you need to win at Walmart or wow with a retail design strategy that gives resellers flexibility, communication is necessary. Ignite develops programs for top retailers in all classes of trade and VARs at every level of distribution.



  • Core themes and integrated communication
  • In-house copy, design and mobile dev
  • Product launch
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • UI/UX
  • Packaging
  • Customer and executive engagement

Tech brands are only as relevant as their next innovation. Having orchestrated more than 300 product launches for some of the world’s biggest tech companies, Ignite knows how to disrupt and engage along the buyer journey.

How We Do It

Adding context to the buyer journey

No one reads their child the dictionary to spark their imagination and provide context to grow in the world. Though it’s full of information, the dictionary doesn’t tell a useful story. Many consumer electronics companies don’t organize their information into a narrative that is compelling, and if they do, they can’t help themselves but to tell it all at once.



The stories we tell on behalf of tech brands emphasize universal behavioral truths. No one has ever said, “Wow, I really identified with that list of specs.” Our goal is to resonate.



There’s so much noise. In crowded spaces, we make it worthwhile for people to take notice, lean in and learn more. When your message is critical, make it simple — or don’t make it.



The old funnel has exploded. Every interaction matters more than ever before. We thrive on empowering all stakeholders to leverage context in shaping the customer experience.

Who We Are

Agile marketing experts

Our clients depend on the diligence of our 35 full-time employees. You deserve more than just tech and consumer electronics marketing expertise, so we add value to relationships through the decisions our people make and how the work is delivered. Here are a few of the faces that are responsible for earning your trust:


Mike Covert


As founder and president of Ignite, Mike shapes strategic opportunities for clients and the high service standards for the agency. He has launched hundreds of products and services in a variety of industries, customizing a full spectrum of launch marketing support to benefit sales, distribution and retail merchandising. Prior to starting Ignite Partnership, he worked in various agency positions serving Kraft/Nabisco, ESPN, Miller Brewing, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, Samsung and other companies with new offerings in complex channels.


Tom Wolf

Director of Production

For more than 20 years, Tom has led production teams for products of mind-boggling diversity. From baseball cards to virtual reality technology, Tom has packaged it all. Today, he manages the development and final packaging of mechanical files and production processes that make our clients look good. Under his leadership, Ignite has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on production costs.


Katie Cantu

Associate Creative Director

Katie’s tenure as a copywriter and strategist have given her an intuitive understanding of how ideas evolve and move through the halls of agencies and enterprises alike. She’s helped brands like Samsung, Microsoft, Pizza Hut, and Red Bull creatively articulate their missions by bringing key consumer insights to life. Her creative leadership empowers teams to solve common challenges in compelling, unexpected ways that put the consumer at the center of the experience.


Mike Martin

Associate Creative Director

Driven by a passion for animation and video, Mike brings visuals to life in many forms, including traditional commercial spots, short films, web series, and feature-length films. His constant restless curiosity cultivates an environment of ever-evolving creativity, which allows him and his team to find new technologies, tools, and techniques to create fresh motion design. He doesn’t just think outside the box. To him, there is no box that prevents him from experimenting with any format, whether it’s animated GIFs or content for VR experiences.


Margaret Pacheco

Vice President of Marketing

As vice president of marketing and growth, Margaret leads brand building and demand generation. She has 25 years of experience guiding successful B2B, technology, and consumer products companies through major product launches and rapid growth. Before joining Ignite Partnership, Margaret was Vice President, Merchandising for a consumer electronics distributor, and she spent 10 years building and branding B2B e-commerce properties as CMO for a consumer electronics wholesaler. She ran global marketing for a UK division of Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), and held senior marketing roles with Philips Electronics and Electronic Data Systems (now Hewlett Packard).


Bill Ferguson

Sr Director of Account Service

Over the course of 30 years at agencies such as DDB, DMB&B, and GSD&M, Bill grew his account leadership acumen working with Fortune 500 companies, including Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, CareFirst, Comcast, ConocoPhillips, and Under Armour. Previously co-founder of Sq1, which became one of the largest independent agencies in the southwest, Bill has a passion for helping everyone—from maturing startups to medium-sized companies to global brands—set a strong, enduring brand foundation and deliver creative that drives transformational growth.


Jamie Erschen

Account Supervisor

Drawing on more than 15 years in the industry, Jamie’s leadership ensures that the account team provides the responsive, resourceful and authentic service for which Ignite has come to be known. His broad experience with brands like Samsung, 7-Eleven, Bank of America and Gatorade gives him a unique lens for evaluating and adding value to his clients’ business strategies.


Erin Covert

Chief Financial Officer

As Ignite’s CFO, Erin leads the charge for making good decisions using data and analysis. She monitors and evaluates growth, efficiency and risk. She makes sure agency resources go toward the best use. Before Ignite, Erin worked at world-class financial institutions, including Grant Thornton and Credit Suisse.


Justin Young

Digital Creative Director

From coast-to-coast, Justin has followed his passion for exploring new digital frontiers. From building and selling his own e-commerce company to working in New York and Los Angeles for brands like Google, Facebook, Aflac and SoBe, Justin has always looked for new ways to use technology in the creation of demonstrably engaging digital experiences. His extensive expertise is the foundation of his digital creative direction, where he always pushes the boundaries to implement cutting-edge digital technologies into the work he and his team creates.


Danielle Posey

Resource Director

With over 25 years of project management, production management and process implementation experience, Danielle has used her talents for brands such as AT&T, TGI Fridays, American Airlines, VHA and Mitsubishi. Her expansive skill set enables her to break down silos, manage teams and vendors, enhance internal process efficiencies, allocate resources, and analyze financials here at Ignite to ensure our agency operates at the optimum level and each campaign lives up to her mantra of “on time, on budget, at the highest quality possible.”

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