Fiserv banking solutions offer technology foundations for virtually any financial institution you can think of. When asked to create a series of videos to illustrate their products, Ignite committed to exploring beyond the original ask to better understand and enhance the customer experience within this B2B sales occasion.


Videos presented an excellent opportunity to explain the value proposition of highly technical software in human terms, well beyond the expected paper-based sales support. That much was given. But Ignite dug deeper to understand where these videos would be used in the long and winding sales journey to C-level decision makers. Turned out these selling occasions varied greatly, from a 1:1 gatekeeper introduction to a room of decision makers. We identified an opportunity to better support all the sales interactions with a more comprehensive yet agile toolset, including videos.


In addition to framing Fiserv’s complex technology product in terms of functionality and implementation ease, we were able to produce compelling videos that led with organizational benefits. All content, including more traditional spec sheets, was then packaged in an easy-to-update tablet app. The custom app was distributed to a global sales force for greater access to visual tools and dynamic content on demand. With this tool, Ignite empowered sales to customize the experience to each specific sales opportunity, whether a formal presentation to a room of 100 or a casual meeting over coffee. It also gave Fiserv a platform for updating product specs seamlessly without investing in costly physical materials.

Ignite can help to humanize your customer’s experience, simplify how it’s delivered, and empower every touch point to make contextual sense. Fill this out to learn how.